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Belize tours for 1
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bradbelize (M+)

Registered: 06.03.2013
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06.03.2013 - 16:17: The top 5 best tours of Cayo | Quote Quote

Here is the short list of what I think are the best tours in the San Ignacio area.
Tikal- its in Guatemala but its one of the best.
ATM Cave- One of the best cave tours. Real adventure!
Cave Tubing- Tube through a really cool cave system. This is the kind of fun that makes you giggle.
Caracol/Mountain Pine Ridge- Awesome. Ruins, wildlife, and the deepest someone can go into the jungle (that I know of) The Mountain Pine Ridge is really cool too. Rio Frio Cave, Rio On Pools, and Big Rock Waterfall. Google those and you will see why I put this on the list.
Barton Creek- Canoe into a cave and see human remains. Really cool formations in the cave too.

If you only do 5- These are not a bad choice.

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